THE REPERTORY COMPANY KING ARTHUR and the knights of the round table * SHERLOCK HOLMES and the Hound of the Baskervilles WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S WORLD one troupe - three plays ! l l




KING ARTHUR (role : Merlin)

SHERLOCK HOLMES (role : Sherlock Holmes)

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S WORLD (roles include Macbeth)


Born in France to an English mother, William fell in love with acting when he turned 19 and joined a student theatre company, which, among other events, organised shows for residents of pensioners’ homes. The sheer joy and unadulterated, unfiltered emotions the audience expressed while watching these plays were contagious and their spontaneity made every show a unique moment. Subsequently, he moved to Paris to pursue drama studies at Cours Florent.


In 2015, he made his professional stage debut in a production of Marivaux’s Slaves Island at Théâtre de Nesle, Paris. William then joined the Collective La Mutinerie and took part in a collective playwriting that became Superdiscount, a play that was selected in 2016 by the then-new Paris Fringe Festival.


That same year, he was cast as Oberon in a production of The Fairy Queen, a Purcell opera based on the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In 2017, the Collective La Mutinerie created an annual outdoors theatre event in Burgundy called La Grande Hâte, that aims to bring classic plays - performed by a young company - to a broad audience. He is delighted to join Théâtre en Anglais to portray Sherlock Holmes in the company’s production of The Hound of the Baskervilles.







KING ARTHUR (role : Arthur)

SHERLOCK HOLMES (roles of Stapleton & Sir Henry)



Quentin grew up in Nice, France. After graduating high school in Sciences at 17, he went straight to Paris to study drama at the famous theatre school Cours Florent. He is now part of two companies, Le Peuple Aveugle, which he co-founded, and Collectif Géranium which focus currently on contemporary pieces. Quentin is constantly experimenting with new ways of communicating through theatre.


Thanks to his love of languages he played a few parts in movies in particular in Le Temps des Marguerites by Pierre Corré (with Clovic Cornillac and Alice Pol) where he plays a german lieutenant. For the past year, Quentin has also been a theatre teacher in a middle school in Paris. He is particularly pleased to be playing next season in english as part of The Repertory Company of Théâtre en Anglais - his most exciting challenge yet..


Aurelian GOUAS


KING ARTHUR (role : Kay)

SHERLOCK HOLMES (role : Dr Watson )



After studying at Florent acting school in Paris, Aurélien co-founds the Aléas Company in 2008, which has specialized in contemporary american plays (Line, Mis(e) en Pièces and Phonetag, by Israel Horovitz, Made in America by Neil Labute, etc.). Line won the Jury Prize and the Public Award in Maisons-Laffitte festival in 2010, and Mis(e) en Pièces won the Avignon Off Prize in 2011.

In 2010, he also co-founds the Grand Soir Company and plays Galileo's Life by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Christophe Luthringer, during six years (Avignon Off 2010, 2011, 2012, Lucernaire theatre in 2013, and many tour dates). In 2015, Aurélien joins the Barriques Company, directed by François Bourcier, to play in Partisans, a play about young French resistants written by Régis Vlachos, mainly performed in Avigon and at the Contrescarpe theatre in Paris. Since 2016, he also plays in Combat, Albert Camus et la Pratique de l'Idéal, written by Denis Randet and directed by Clémence Carayol. In 2018, he joins the Swiss company De Facto, directed by Nathalie Sandoz to play the adaptation of Three Men on a Boat (to say nothing of the dog), by Jerome K. Jerome, notably at Komidi Festival on Réunion island and in Avignon 2019. He also played in Jouliks, written by Marie-Christine Lê-Huu and directed by Clémence Carayol, which won the Press Club Jury Prize. At the end of 2019, he's part of the creation of Benoît Masocco's latest comedy Comme on se Quitte, at the Alhambra theatre in Paris. In May 2020, he joins The Repertory Company directed by Lucile O'Flanagan to perform in three different plays :  The Hound of the Baskervilles, William Shakespeare's World and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Accustomed to Avignon Festival, in love with theatre and tours, Aurélien has also showed in many video productions since 2006. Besides his acting activities, he has been teaching theatre and improvisation to youngsters since 2011, stress management since 2018, and regularly translates English plays into French.


Camille Lecointre


Camille, born in 1988, started on the acting path at the age of 8, when she enrolled in her town's amateur theatre club. 18 years later she still treads the same path, this time with diplomas in her pocket from the Scène 7 school in Lyon and the London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts. She has participated in plays of many different genres, from "Fear and Misery of the 3rd Reich" to "Dracula", and has worked on short films in Paris for the past few years. Being bilingual in French and English has also led her to conduct English-speaking theatre workshops in schools all over France.


Camille appeared as Mina in The Mystery of Renfield & Count Dracula for Theatre en Anglais.


Phil Schurer [ Shakespeare on film ]






Né en 1995 en Italie, il commence le theatre a l’âge de 12 ans avec la “Compagnia di Arti e Mestieri” à Pordenone en participant à des nombreux ateliers théâtraux et de Cinema. Entre le 2012 et le 2014 il travaille dans un village vacances a Venise en tant que comédien en participant aux spectacles de cabaret et comédie musicale. En 2014 il entre à l’Académie Internationale Des Arts du Spectacle de Versailles dirigée par Carlo Boso et Danuta Zarazik grâce a laquelle il participe à des nombreux festivals de théâtre,   entre autres, le festival d’Avignon Off.


Il suit sa formation en travaillent avec d’autres metteur en scène, notamment John Strasberg, et en suivant des stages un peu partout en Europe (Italie et Allemagne) qui lui permettent de pouvoir jouer en plusieurs langues. Actuellement il travaille avec différentes compagnies (commedia dell’arte, theatre de conte et mimodrame), en cultivant a côté sa passion pour la musique et le chant.


Antoine Auffray


Antoine a 32 ans. Après une première expérience de scène en 2013 où il a interprété le rôle de Charles de Foucauld dans une comédie musicale sur sa vie, et après beaucoup de voyages (certains diraient de vies…) il a commencé une formation artistique à l’AICOM en 2018, qu’il termine en 2020 Cette formation lui a permis d’approfondir son amour pour le chant et de découvrir le théâtre et la danse.


Elle lui a également permis de pouvoir participer à plusieurs évènements dont Clémenceau et la tranchée des baïonnettes en tant que curé. Aujourd’hui, Antoine fait partie de la compagnie la Toison d’Or, et joue les rôles du merle et du paon dans une adaptation de Chanteclerc, d’Edmond Rostand. En parallèle, il approfondi sa formation de comédien au cours Peyran Lacroix à Paris..



Belgo-congolais d'origine, Adrien Mubu est un comédien qui a grandi en Belgique. Pendant son adolescence, il développe un fort intérêt pour le théâtre et le cinéma et décide donc de prendre des cours d'arts dramatiques. Il poursuit son parcours aux États-Unis – en Pennsylvanie puis à New York – où il améliore son jeu aussi bien en anglais qu'en français. Il s'installe à Paris en 2016 et se formera encore pendant un peu plus d’un an avant de commencer à travailler dans le monde du spectacle. Depuis début 2017, en effet, il a participé à plusieurs projets anglophones et francophones, sur scène comme devant la caméra. Il s'identifie déjà beaucoup à "Prisoner 46664" et sa reprise du rôle de Nelson Mandela à partir d'automne 2019, car ce projet dépasse les langues, les cultures et les frontières, et apporte un message transcendent et universel ... tout ce que Adrien aime !


Of Belgian and Congolese descent, Adrien Mubu is an actor who grew up in Belgium. During his teenage years, he develops a strong interest in theatre and cinema and thus decides to take drama classes. He continues his journey in the United States – in Pennsylvania then in New York – where he improves his acting skills in both English and French. He moves to Paris in 2016 and trains for another year or so before starting to work in the performing arts world. Since early 2017 in fact, he has been involved in different English and French-speaking projects, both on stage and on camera. He can already relate very much to "Prisoner 46664" and his role as Nelson Mandela starting in fall 2019, because this project goes beyond languages, cultures, and borders. It bring a transcendent and universal message... that's all Adrien loves!




Née et grandie au Zimbabwe (ex-Rhodésie), Chengetai a commencé sa carrière artistique comme modèle et chanteuse en Afrique du Sud. Après avoir accompagné de nombreux artistes sud-africains dans leurs tournées européennes et américaines, elle est venue s'installer à Paris en 2008 à l'invitation de sa maison de disques.


En 2009, elle y reçoit le Trophée Charles Trénet pour son premier album "Zimblue", et multiplie les collaborations avec de nombreux musiciens et beat-makers, tant sur scène que sur disques.


 En 2017, elle fait ses débuts au théâtre avec "Prisoner 46664", une production inédite de la Compagnie "Théâtre en Anglais" consacrée à son héros, Nelson Mandela. Parallèlement, elle tourne son propre tour de chant dédié aux grandes voix du jazz sud-africain et intitulé “The Rainbow Music-Show”  en hommage à la nation Arc-en-Ciel.








Vincent Vespérant began his training in Lyon at « Arts en scène » acting school. He then studied for four years  at  the Atelier International de Théâtre - Blanche Salant & Paul Weaver ("Masque d'Or" of  Paris theater schools). Born in Haïti then adopted at a very young age, Vincent became a french citizen through the adoption process. His life changed drastically but it left him with an heightened awareness of how the world works. He did not have the luxury of accommodating himself with a sugarcoated perception of life. He tries to use this sensitivity as a gift as it enables him to cross paths with various artistic projects that convey meaning, authenticity and the need to connect with an audience.


Through his acting or singing he tries to channel his energy to express the idea that the world may be complex and obscure, it can still be crafted as a welcoming and cheerful place. He also dedicates some of his time to his other passion : portrait and stage photography. Since a young age he clearly had a passion for singing. He spent time exploring this part of his identity in different workshops or singing classes. This year he began training with Julie Bueno. He also had the opportunity to assist one of his teachers, Maryline Guitton (affiliated to the Roy Hart center) for a year workshop titled « corps-voix » in which they could help residents of « Le Palais de la femme » to reconnect with themselves and others through music therapy sessions.  He recently played the role of Mara-Z in the play  « Territoires Exilés » written and directed by Kazem Shahryari at the Théâtre Studio of Alfortville but he made his debut on stage for the reopening of le Théâtre National Populaire (T.N.P.)  in Victor Hugo’s « Ruy Blas ».



Stephen Shagov


Born in New Zealand, Stephen came to France in 1989 to study at L’Ecole de Mime Corporelle Dramatique (dedicated to the technique of Etienne Decroux). After three years of training in the physical sphere of theatre, he continued his studies for two years with Jean Laurent Cochet working on the French classical repertoire.


Stephen gives theatre workshops in bi-lingual French International Schools, does voice-overs for documentaries, and has worked with various film directors (for example, Luc Besson and his film ‘Arthur et La Guerre des Deux Mondes). He has also worked on four other productions by Theatre en Anglais; The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, Romeo and

Juliette by Shakespeare, plus the adaptations of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and Dracula by Bram Stokes. Working with Lucille O'Flanagan in 'Prisoner 46664'; will be another dynamic opportunity to be on stage exploring new characters and to have the pleasure of playing in theatres all over France.



Giuseppe Pedone


Giuseppe Pedone est un comédien italien, diplomé à l'Academie EUTHECA de

Rome, avec un B.A. en acting de l'University of Wales. Il a suivi une formation

bilingue italien-anglais, très variée et basée sur les principales écoles

pédagogiques du théâtre modèrne.

À Paris depuis 2014, il a complété sa formation à l'Académie Internationale

des Arts du Spectacle de Versailles dirigée par le M° Carlo Boso, où il a pu se


des Arts du Spectacle de Versailles dirigée par le M° Carlo Boso, où il a pu se

spécialiser surtout dans l'Art du Comique.

Il possède également une excellente formation en Escrime historique et combat

de spectacle. Il collabore actuellement avec la Cie Estocade dirigé par le Maître

d'Armes Jean-Noël Hautefaye.

Parmi ces expériences professionnelles: il a joué dans un grand nombre de

spectacles avec la Cie La Carabela (entre autres deux Avignon OFF); il est

formateur de théâtre pour enfants, ados et adultes; il travaille régulièrement en

qualité de comédien-animateur (Pavillons de Bercy).





Lucille O'Flanagan

Director (Also an actress, Film : LOL & TV Dix Pour Cent)





Lucille O’Flanagan, après des études d’art dramatique à Londres, se lance très rapidement dans la direction théâtrale. Dans les années 80, elle fonde «Theatre in Conservation », une compagnie théâtrale itinérante, qu’elle accompagne pendant 5 ans. Membre depuis 1986 du Director’s Guild of Great Britain, elle s’est beaucoup investie et s’est créée une forte réputation en Angleterre pour son travail dans la « comédie alternative ». «Le théâtre contemporain, les adaptations modernes d’œuvres classiques, ont besoin d’ambassadeurs pour les porter, les défendre et les promouvoir », affirme-t-elle, « et c’est un rôle que j’ai souhaité tenir dans ma carrière »



Pour célébrer le nouveau millénaire, en 2000, Lucille déménage en France. À l'âge de 40 ans, elle reprend les rênes de l'association Théâtre en anglais et la transforme en une toute nouvelle compagnie ayant pour objectif principal la création de nouvelles adaptations d'histoires anciennes. Plus récemment, elle a confié à Sam Pinnell le mandat de produire une pièce de théâtre sur la vie de Nelson Mandela.  Un nouveau projet qui lui tient à cœur sur le monde de William Shakespeare et qui concerne maintenant un nouvel écrivain, Marc Zakian, va également voir le jour en 2019-2020. Lucille est occasionnellement actrice, vue au cinéma comme Lady Di mum dans le film “LOL” et Debbie McWilliams / Linda Gerard dans la série “Dix pour cent” (connu sous le nom de “Call My Agent” au Royaume-Uni).



Les créations de Lucille O’Flanagan en tant de metteur en scène avec le Théâtre en Anglais :








2014 THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES – a Sherlock Holmes story









2020 SHERLOCK HOLMES - The hound of the Baskervilles






Sam Pinnell

Is a television producer and writer based in London.  She has worked in light entertainment and comedy for nearly 20 years and over this time has made programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, collaborating with comedians including Jimmy Carr, Frank Skinner, David Baddiel and Stewart Lee.

Most recently she has produced 4 series of the situation-comedy  "Drifters" for Channel 4 and the second series of comedy-drama "Flowers" starring Olivia Colman.


Sam is currently developing her own comedy-drama script "Bitter" for television.










Elisa Le Cam


Elisa learned a little harp at the age of 6, starting writing poetry at 7 and songs from 10. Her parents cracked and for her 12th birthday she was given an electric guitar and a love story was born.  Since then she has appeared at 8 Rock School concerts in Paris.  As an actress appearances include Anne in VOICI VENIR L’ORAGE (TV) and Emma Jane in LE SKYLAB (Julie Delpy Film).  She was dragged onto the stage in several Théâtre en Anglais productions as victims in « DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE » and « DRACULA », she appeared as the maid in « THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES » and another maid in « THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST ». She particularly enjoyed being covered in blood in the 3D Shakespeare film in « MR & MRS MACBETH » as an apparition.


She finally persuaded her parents that acting was not her thing and that music definitely was.  So her mother invited Elisa to write the music for PRISONER 46664 : NELSON MANDELA at the age of 14.  Her band is called Ruby in the Rough ...follow them on facebook , and they are performing at the Edinburgh festival this year.


Her band was Ruby In The Rough that won the tremplin competition and won a gig at Rock en Seine last august. They also played 20 concerts at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a late night theatre, a later night nightclub and occasional bus shelters.  She is now studying BA Music (specialising in composition) at Southampton University in the UK.  Elisa also publishes her compositions on her youtube channel:














Noëlle Burr



Ayant débuté au théâtre avec Jean-Paul Zehnacker, elle a été pendant plusieurs années régisseuse du Piccolo Théâtre de St-Germain-en-Laye, puis assistante de Denis Llorca, Daniel Royan, Jacques Ardouin, Pierre Vielhescaze et Erik Krüger avec qui elle a travaillé sur des oeuvres d'opéras en festival.

Elle collabore régulièrement avec Christian Huitorel, pour lequel elle a créé les lumières de « Décavé-Le Théâtre de Karl Valentin », « Léonce et Léna », « L'Ours », « Electre », « L'Ile des Esclaves », « Bérénice ».

Elle est par ailleurs l'auteur de trois montages dramaturgiques : « Les Cris de Guernesey » d'après Victor Hugo, « On n'a pas le temps de voir si c'est beau » d'après Prosper Mérimée et « Misogynie à part » d'après les humoristes (Alphonse Allais, Jules Renard,etc...)

Depuis treize ans, elle est l'éclairagiste et la régisseuse de tournée pour la compagnie « Le Théâtre en Anglais », sous la direction de Lucille O'Flanagan.



















Imogen, a graduate fresh out of the University of Bristol, is full of passion for theatre, children and the environment. During her studies she was particularly drawn to Applied Theatre, Choreography and Early Modern Theatre Practices.  Having benefitted as a young person from many of Théâtre en Anglais's wonderful productions, she is now excited to be working alongside the amazing cast and crew.






 Angus Cooper I graduated from the University of Bristol in June 2020, with a BA in Theatre and Performance studies. Post graduation, I was, much like the rest of my peers, thrown in to a sea of uncertainty, exacerbated by this incessant pandemic, and find myself washed up in Paris, where I have luckily found an oasis of theatre, in the form of 'Théâtre en Anglais'. My interest in theatre and theatre making is now long-established, and I am continually looking for ways to expand my knowledge and understanding. I am therefore incredibly excited to start working alongside this tenacious theatre company, and to aid in providing theatre at a time when it is most needed, and yet so hard to come by.’