Quentin Moriot (Arthur)


Quentin Moriot à suivi une formation de comédien, chanter et danseur au Conservatoire Frederic Chopin à Paris. Avant cette formation il a la chance de travailler avec Yves Beaunesne (Un mois à la Campagne) et Mario Gonzalez (assistant lors de cours au CNSAD et en Suède). Il travaille à plusieurs reprises avec Régis de Martrin Donos - Théâtre de poche, Théâtre 14, Vingtième théâtre, Théatre des 13 vents (Diderot Bagarre, Le Banquet d’Auteuil), Juliette Séjourné (L’opéra de quat’sous de Brecht, La Princesse Maleine de Maeterlinck), ainsi que Mathilde Carreau (Quelqu’un va venir, La Surprise de l’Amour).

En 2014 il découvre le monde de la comédie musicale ce qui lui permet de mettre en pratique sa formation pluridisciplinaire (Blanche Neige et moi, Next Thing You Know).


C’est avec joie qu’il rejoint l’équipe de King Arthur dans le rôle d’Arthur.



Quentin trained at the Conservatoire Frederic Chopin in Paris as an actor/singer/dancer after working with Yves Beaunesne (The Tourgueniev’s play A Month In The Country) and Mario Gonzalez (Comedia and Clowns). He has worked professionally with Regis de Martrin Donos (Diderot Bagarre and Le Banquet D’auteuil, J.M. Besset), Juliette Sejourné (The Threepenny Opera, Brecht and La Princesse Maleine, Maeterlinck) and Mathilde Carreau (Quelqu’un va venir, Jon Fosse and La Surprise de l’Amour, Marivaux).

His foray into musical theatre began in 2014, with the musical Snow White and I (directed by Nicolas Guilleminot) and Next Thing You Know (directed by Tolgay Pekin). Quentin has worked in physical theatre with Olivier Dubois and Sebastien Perrault.


Quentin is delighted to join the team of King Arthur as Arthur.




Stéphane Otero (Merlin)


Stéphane Otero graduated valedictorian from the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique du Centre de Paris.

He has performed in close to twenty plays and has worked with directors such as Stéphane Olivié Bisson, Etienne Pommeret from the Théâtre National of Strasbourg, Dominique Pitoiset at the Théâtre National of Bordeaux, Mihaï Tarna or Joël Jouanneau.


In 2011 and 2012, he played at Théâtre du Soleil, in Shakespeare’s King Cymbeline, directed by Hélène Cinque.


In 2014, he was Scipion in Albert Camus' Caligula alongside with Bruno Putzulu touring in French National Theaters and broadcasted on France 2.


Convinced that theatre can help people in their every day life, Stéphane directs workshops for unemployed people with the Cie Odysée Art since 2009.


Stéphane played Dracula in "The Mystery of Mr Renfield & Count Dracula" and the iconic Sherlock Holmes in “ The Hound of The Baskervilles” for Théâtre en Anglais. He is delighted to be playing another immortal of English literature: Merlin.



Entre-temps, Mathieu travaille de façon régulière avec le groupe vocal a cappella Les Voix Animées sous la direction de Luc Coadou à Toulon.


En 2012, il intègre la troupe du spectacle Sister Act au Théâtre Mogador.


Il est ensuite metteur en scène assistant du spectacle Songs For A New World à l’automne 2013. En tant que pianiste, Mathieu est amené à accompagner les chanteuses Maurane et Clara Guipont sur France 2.


En mars 2014, Mathieu écrit son premier spectacle Comme à la maison, autour de ses compositions personnelles qu’il arrange pour piano, voix et violoncelle. Pour le festival d’Avignon, Mathieu joue le rôle d’un comique-troupier pendant la guerre de 14 dans Le Cabaret Blanche. À l’automne, il travaille sur les chansons de Michel Legrand en écrivant son deuxième spectacle Je l’ai cherché partout, et finit l’année en jouant dans le spectacle jeune public Blanche-Neige & moi à Paris.


En 2015, Mathieu intègre le sextet masculin a cappella Opus Jam qui se produit sur les grandes scènes de France mais aussi à l’étranger (Londres, Trévise, Zurich…).


C’est avec une grande joie qu’il travaille pour la première fois avec Théâtre En Anglais au printemps 2016 pour interpréter le rôle de Kay dans King Arthur, The Sword From The Stone.




Heza Botto  { Nelson Mandela }

Heza Botto was born in Cameroon and raised between his native country and France. He trained for acting at le Laboratoire de l’Acteur, Paris, and has worked in both theatre and film industry since then. Aside of roles in short or feature films, he is a member of two companies: Oh! Collectif de la Surprise, which creates contemporary plays based on collective writing in French, and G.I.F.T, international company based in Germany that explores the themes of personal, cultural and political identity in German, French and Italian language. From autumn 2017, he will play Nelson Mandela in «Prisoner 46664». There could be no better combination of projects for a trilingual actor.






Née et grandie au Zimbabwe (ex-Rhodésie), Chengetai a commencé sa carrière artistique comme chanteuse. Après avoir accompagné de nombreux artistes sud-africains dans leurs tournées européennes et américaines, et tourné pendant près de 5 ans son propre spectacle d'hommages aux grandes dames du jazz de l'afrique australe, "The Rainbow Music Show", Chengetai est venue s'installer en France à l'invitation de sa maison de disques.


En 2010, elle y reçoit le Trophée Charles Trénet pour son premier album "Zimblue" et commence à travailler pour le cinéma et la télévision, en tant que voix tout d'abord, puis silhouette et petit rôle. Elle travaille entre autre, sous la direction de Félix Eboué, et apparait à de nombreuses reprises sur Canal + dans la série "Groland".


En 2017, elle fait ses débuts au théâtre avec "Prisoner 46664", une production inédite de la Compagnie "Théâtre en Anglais" consacrée à son héros, Nelson Mandela.





Beni Bliss

Bilingual actor and stand-up comedian on the Parisian comedy club circuit . Born in the Congo he moved to france as a child. He started acting when he was 6 years old at elementary school and church. Playing in several producionts that gave him a taste for the stage. At the age of 21 he was a student of the famous french acting class " Cours Florent " . He loves all music and sport especially soccer , basketball and American football [NFL championship ] and also fashion.


Prisoner 46664 : Nelson Mandela is his first professional experience in the acting industry.






Stephen Shagov


Born in New Zealand, Stephen came to France in 1989 to study at L’Ecole de Mime Corporelle Dramatique (dedicated to the technique of Etienne Decroux). After three years of training in the physical sphere of theatre, he continued his studies for two years with Jean Laurent Cochet working on the French classical repertoire.


Stephen gives theatre workshops in bi-lingual French International Schools, does voice-overs for documentaries, and has worked with various film directors (for example, Luc Besson and his film ‘Arthur et La Guerre des Deux Mondes). He has also worked on four other productions by Theatre en Anglais; The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, Romeo and

Juliette by Shakespeare, plus the adaptations of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and Dracula by Bram Stokes. Working with Lucille O'Flanagan in 'Prisoner 46664'; will be another dynamic opportunity to be on stage exploring new characters and to have the pleasure of playing in theatres all over France.




Romain Rouveyrollis

Born in France from a luminous father and a Spanish mother who had decided quite promptly to move to the States. I grew up and got schooled in Los Angeles, California. I moved back to France at the age of 21, highschool diploma in hand from the Los Angeles University Highschool Class of ’89. After several years of having gone through acting workshops and schools in Paris, I moved to the French part of Canada where I started to work in audio-visual production. For the following eight years I worked as a graphic artist, editor, cameraman, FX artist and 3D animator for Silence! On Tourne Inc. production house in Montréal.


In 2006 I moved back to France and started working as an editor for the Centre Audiovisuelle Simone de Beauvoir on corporate films. In a short time I came back to acting and wrote a one-man show that I played at the Théâtre du Gymnase and The Temple for two consecutive years.I created a theater for a local organisation La Métisse in Paris where I hosted many open mic nights for French comics.In 2010 I was invited by L’Association Laurette Fugain to take on the role of the Big Heart for  their event “Coeur de Vies”.I then directed a documentary for the 65th birthday of a lighting designer Jacques Rouveyrollis, interviewing several French celebrities such as Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan, Marc Lavoine, Julien Clerc, Gilbert Rozon, Jean-Michel Jarre, Brigitte Fossey, Patachou, Regis et Laspalès, Shirley et Dino, Jean-Marie Bigard, Nicole Croisille, Michel Sardou, Dany Boon, Marie-Paule Belle, Roland Magdane and many more all wanting to give their best wishes.


Every Wednesday for four years I wrote, played in and aired on the web a feel good video series called “PosiTiVez”. In november 2013 the feature film “PAROLES” that I play in was released. I did two seasons on ÉNÔRME TV in my totally absurd short series “RIEN l’émission la plus c** du monde.”


I the launched my second one man comic show « C’est Oune Sandale ! ». Presently I’m preparing for a feature film in development and waiting for the release of a short recently shot. Recently I was cast in the first feature film of Harry Roselmack in which I play a mean racist French Maitre D’ and I’m waiting for the release of a short that I recently shot in. After having played Merlin in the first season of Théâtre en Anglais’ Sword from the Stone I am looking very forward to being on tour with this wonderful cast in this moving play.






Lucille O'Flanagan

Mise en Scène





Sam Pinnell

Is a television producer and writer based in London.  She has worked in light entertainment and comedy for nearly 20 years and over this time has made programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, collaborating with comedians including Jimmy Carr, Frank Skinner, David Baddiel, Stewart Lee and Harry Hill.  She is currently working for Channel 4 producing her third series of “Drifters”, a situation comedy about three girls in their 20s who are struggling with jobs, boyfriends and money in Leeds.   Sam previously adapted “Macbeth” for Theatre en Anglais.





Elisa Le Cam






Noëlle Burr